Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling was invented by Yan Chongwen, a Chinese bartender who was originally from Hainan Island. He was working for the Raffles Hotel in Singapore at the time. He improved the gin and tonic at the request of customers, and then produced this sweet and sour cocktail , And now it is popular all over the world because of its high value, low alcohol content and refreshing taste.

1. Put the Colin cup on the HomeBar

2. Put ice cubes to 70% full

3. Add 45ml dry Tanglin gin, 20ml cherry brandy, 20ml lemon juice, and a spoonful of Grenadine

4. Use a bar spoon to stir the bottom of the cup 15 times, then add soda water to 90% full

5. Decorate with lemon slices and candied cherries

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