Peach Melba Coolers

Peach Melba Coolers

The wonderous flavor of peach and ginger, goes really well during summer to quench your thirst. This simple and easy to make cocktail is a must during the this scorching days when you lie on your couch

Ingredients for the cocktail :-

50ml of freshly squeezed peach juice

– 10ml peach syrup

– Whiskey 30ml

– 8 points full of ice cubes

– Dry ginger water replenishment

– Thyme/Rosemary

Method :

1. Pour freshly squeezed peach juice, peach syrup, whiskey and some ice cubes into the cocktail glass, shake until frosting

2. Fill the glass with ice cubes for 8 minutes, strain the mixed wine to 2/33. Fill up with dried ginger water, put a sprig of vanilla leaf and peach slices to decorate. Rosemary is better for vanilla

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