Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

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Mai Tai

Mai Tai, a rum based cocktail, one of the prominent cocktails in the Tiki Culture. Traditionally served in a highball glass on the rocks. It was made famous from the Elvis film “Blue Hawaii”.
1. Place the shaker on the bar counter
2. Add Rum / light 40ml, dark rum Rum / Dark 30ml
3. Add 20ml pineapple juice, 15ml orgeat syrup, 15ml lime juice
4. Add ice to shake
5. Add crushed ice to 60% of the classic cup, filter and pour the shake wine into the cup
6. Decorate with lime and mint leaves to product
The tart lime juice balances the sweet pineapple juice. And the orgeat syrup acts as a base note to anchor the flavours together. Imagine yourself relaxing by the beach with this beautiful cocktail on one hand. Savour!!
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